Join us for DESMA Chats — a series of OnAir Hangouts where people interested in design + management discuss the back-end of work in transdisciplinary settings

How it Works

1. Issue

We choose an issue related to working in design + management.

2. Chat

We host a Google OnAir hangout to discuss the topic with some guests.

3. Share

We share the conversation on the web for people to comment and build on.

4. Repeat

We start looking for a new issue to discuss in the next episode.

Upcoming Episode

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Episode 09 - Topic Coming Soon!
Airing early 2016

Andrew Whitcomb, DESMA Fellow at Veryday & PhD Student at the University of Gothenburg
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Mystery Guest

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Why chat?


We want to discuss the messy side of collaboration

Like many people these days, we're excited about the idea moving past boundaries. In DESMA we look to bring together not only design + management, but also research + practice. Along the way, however, we've encountered all sorts of thought-provoking issues that we want to work through.

DESMA Chats is an online discussion series using Google OnAir Hangouts. In each 30 minute episode, a small group of experts working in areas related to Design + Management — New Product Development, Innovation Management, Strategy, Service Design, and User Experience to name a few! – will lead a casual, yet thought-provoking, conversation around some of the issues that arise when exploring territory beyond the boundaries of institutions and disciplines.

We warn you: this is not a webinar. The conversation is unscripted and we will actively field questions from the audience during the chat. We invite you to tune in, or send us a note to join as a host for a future episode!


Episode 01

The Fabs & Fads of Design Thinking

with Cecilia Hill and Stefanie Di Russo

Episode 02

The Value(s) of Research Networks

with Oriana Haselwanter

Episode 03

Hot Topics in Design Management

with Kathryn Best

Episode 04

Design Managers and Creative Leadership

with Gudrun Lilja Gunnlaugsdottir

Episode 05

Measurement Matters in Design Management

with Fabiane Wolff

Episode 06

Beauty in Organizations

with Kipum Lee

Episode 07

Models of Return on Investment in Design

with Filipa Pias

Episode 08

with Oriana Haselwanter, Sabine Junginger,
Jan-Erik Baars, and Monica Ray Scott

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